#MDVPSpring19 – The Ultimate Spring Season Must Haves

May 27, 2019

After what feels like forever, Spring has finally sprung and we’ve been given the gift of cherry blossoms, sunshine, and warmth! Here’s to hoping that the weather continues to warm up as we move towards Summer so that all of the chilly Winter vibes can be put behind us. And if you’re anything like me, then you’re probably in the process of rotating out your wardrobe, packing up all of your Winter jackets and accessories and breaking out your best warm weather gear. I’ve personally come out of hibernation and begun spending more time outdoors, strolling the streets of downtown Toronto, taking Kobe out for longer walks around our neighborhood, and it’s the best feeling ever!

Now if you’re also anything like me, then you’re also probably doing a complete 180 to your everyday routine and swapping out some winter necessities for some spring ones. I’ve gone ahead and rounded up some of my favourite must-haves for the Spring season so that you can zero in on these and not have to worry about hunting down the best of the best!

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The One Trend That I Can’t Stop Wearing

May 21, 2019

The One Trend That I Can't Stop Wearing

Blazer (similar) & Pants (similar) – Sandro | Shoes – Zara | Bag – Le Parmentier

If there’s one thing that I gravitate towards when it comes to clothes, it’s efficiency. Summer is not only one of my favourite times of the year because of the beautiful warm weather, but because of how easily I can throw on a dress and call it a day. It’s an instant outfit without having to put too much thought into it? Why not! And because of that, the number one trend that I’m one hundred percent riding the train on this year is matching suits.

But really though, how amazing is this look? Suits are no longer reserved for the board room. Anyone can rock the suited look, and it’s just as appropriate for everyday wear as it is for an office setting. I also can’t argue with the fact that you’ll no longer have to bother packing an additional outfit to meet up with friends after work, since the suiting look is perfectly on trend. Who would have thought, wearing the same outfit from work to hanging out with friends afterwards!

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Netherlands Travel Diaries: 10 Things To Do in Amsterdam

May 17, 2019

I can’t believe that it’s almost been an entire month since we left for our trip to Amsterdam, time sure flies! But before any of my memories from our trip fades away, I wanted to put together this post as quickly as I could since it’s still high season for the Netherlands. Hopefully if any of you guys have an upcoming trip to Amsterdam, this post will help serve as a guide in building out your itinerary.

We spent way more time in Amsterdam than most tourists do, but that was mainly because we really wanted to get a sense of what it was like to live like a local. But that’s not to say that you can’t get through everything in a way shorter period of time. Since most travelers typically spend about 3-5 days in Amsterdam, you can definitely condense down our itinerary and still get the full Dutch experience.

Before jumping straight into my compilation of 10 things to do in Amsterdam, there are a couple of things that I did want to note about the city:

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Why I’ve Been Posting More on My YouTube Channel

April 17, 2019

Why I've Been Posting More on My YouTube Channel

You may have noticed that I’ve been much more active on my YouTube channel as opposed to any of my other social platforms (including this blog), and you’re not imagining things. I’ve definitely put a lot more effort into my YouTube channel and have absolutely neglected my other ones. I find that I often go into phases where I get super obsessed with one particular platform for a certain period of time and as a result, I end up neglecting the others. But besides unconsciously neglecting the blog, I did purposefully dedicate some time to work on my YouTube channel over these past several months in order to grow it and to make a habit out of producing video content.

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10 Things I Learned Since I Quit My Job 1 Year Ago

March 21, 2019

10 Things I Learned Since I Quit My Job 1 Year Ago

Bodysuit – Thistle & Spire / Denim – Sanctuary (similar here, and here) / Bag – Prada / Boots – Zara (similar here) / Necklaces (1, 2) – Wanderlust & Co.

Wow, it has been quite a little while since I last posted on my blog! This is probably by far the longest that I’ve ever been away from the blog, and it was completely unplanned. I wish that I could say that I scheduled this little hiatus into my life, but it happened all on its own and I’m a little bit happy about it. Early last year (end of January 2018 to be specific), I quit my full-time job as a marketer at a start-up to pursue my blog full time, and it’s safe to say that things worked out because I’m still here, and not currently hunting for a new job! We can all let out a collective sigh of relief—I know that I definitely did.

Making that decision was probably one of the hardest ones that I’ve ever had to make in my life (excluding the decision to uproot my life in Ottawa and to begin anew in Toronto many years ago), and it’s another one where I have zero regrets. Little did I realize that becoming completely dependent on myself would be one of the most difficult tasks that I would ever undertake. In the past year alone, I’ve worn more hats than I ever had (ie. accountant, debt collection, photographer, art director, consultant, project manager, sales, the list could go on) and it has really worn me down. I massively underestimated how much work would go into running my own business (successfully) and ended up being very burnt out towards the end of the year. These past few months of the new year have truly been a time of reflection for myself, and I’ve also taken the downtime from work to allow myself to relax, recuperate, and to strategize for the next year to come. It’s safe to say that I’ve learned quite a bit about both myself and the business within the past year since I quit my full-time job and I want to share some of these lessons with you in case you’re also in the same boat and thinking of making the leap.

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