Top 10 Favourite Coffee Shops of Toronto

April 6, 2017

Top 10 Favourite Coffee Shops of Toronto

I took a little bit of a hiatus from blogging and went to Mexico over the past week. Oddly enough I didn’t drink much coffee while there, which is completely out of my character. Coming back to Toronto signified the necessity of coffee in my daily routine and I realized that although I’ve visited many different cafes across the city, I’ve never once really shared my opinions or my favourites with you – my readers. And it doesn’t help that I constantly get asked which ones are my favourite. The problem is that whenever I’m put on the spot, I can’t really come up with which ones I like the best. So why not have it all in one place that I can easily refer back to for anyone who ever wants to know?

So without further ado, here are my top 10 favourite coffee shops in Toronto – and in no particular order, I simply organized them alphabetically for easier sorting. Who knows, if I’m not too lazy, maybe I’ll start ranking my favourite cafes in relation to areas of the city as well! Because although there are only 10 here, there are definitely a lot more that I’d highly recommend that you visit!

Top 10 Favourite Coffee Shops of Toronto



550 Wellington St. W
Toronto, ON
M5V 2V5
(647) 348-7000

This beautiful Parisian themed space operates as both a restaurant and a cafe. The stunning white space peppered with blue accent pieces makes for a calming place to have afternoon tea, schedule a meeting, or to even stay awhile and do some work.

Even though they don’t offer much in terms of latte art, I love their roast and can always come back for more.

Make sure to come hungry if you’re interested in having a meal, because the prices are definitely above average.

I would also recommend that you call ahead for reservations for a weekend meal since the place fills up quite quickly and walk-in availabilities have been quite rare for me – unless you’re willing to wait awhile for a table to become free.

Top 10 Favourite Coffee Shops of Toronto



613 Queen St. W
Toronto, ON
M5V 2B7
(647) 348-2473

If you’re looking for the solid Brooklyn vibe, then this cafe is the one for you. With exposed, white-brick walls, dark-stained wooden tables, and a fiddle leaf fig plant, this joint exudes a city-chic aesthetic. Added to the fact that their latte art is on point, and you’ve basically been transported to NYC. Make sure to check out their rooftop patio in the summer – most people don’t know that it exists!

Top 10 Favourite Coffee Shops of Toronto



300 Campbell Ave. Unit 103
Toronto, ON
M6P 3V6
(647) 352-4253

Hale operates as a roastery itself that also has a built in cafe into its’ location. If you’re also down for a drink, there’s a brewery right next door and a cute little patio to relax on in the summer.

Although it’s a little bit out of the main downtown core, this cafe is definitely worth the trek for a fresh cup o’ joe.

Top 10 Favourite Coffee Shops of Toronto



100-161 Frederick St.
Toronto, ON
M5A 4P1
(647) 348-8811

Okay but just take a look at the latte art. And if that didn’t convince you, then you have to try the roll cakes. Neo is nothing short of exceptional and have an extremely friendly staff that is also supportive of the creatives. You’ll never have to feel awkward taking photos of your coffee here. I highly recommend that you try their dirty matcha, it’s quite literally heaven in a cup.

Top 10 Favourite Coffee Shops of Toronto



587 King St. W
Toronto, ON
M5V 1M5
(416) 368-5151

Not much for latte art here, but their vanilla lattes are perfect. I like to come here during lunch for their ‘Special Sandwich‘ (it has a delicious mix of deli meat and cheese, but go early because it sells out quick!) paired with a coffee, but sometimes I come by for brunch as well. PV is the perfect spot for a blogger brunch since the built-in skylight is fantastic for lighting up your photos naturally.

Top 10 Favourite Coffee Shops of Torontoasd


568 Jarvis St.
Toronto, ON
M4Y 0A9
(416) 995-1530

There are 3 different locations, but I’ve only so far had the chance of going to 2. Their Jarvis St. location has to by far be my favourite. I love the cozy library atmosphere along with the second floor balcony that overlooks the entire coffee shop. Beyond the cute aesthetics such as the tiled floors by the doors, and the beautiful shadow play cast by the afternoon sunlight, their latte art is also pretty bomb!

Top 10 Favourite Coffee Shops of Torontoasd


917 Queen St. W
Toronto, ON
M6J 1G5

There used to be the cutest SJCB on Ossington before it shuttered, and I was absolutely bummed. You can’t imagine how elated I was when they opened up a new location in Trinity Bellwoods. It’s a quaint little coffee shop with a beautiful sprawling window seat. SJCB can never go wrong with their amazing latte art. Remember to bring cash, because as far as I can remember, they don’t accept any form of cards.

Top 10 Favourite Coffee Shops of Torontoasd


102 Bloor St. W
Toronto, ON
M5S 1M8
1 (844) 548-6223

Hidden in the back of Kit and Ace is the adorable little Sorry Coffee Co. They serve a roast by my absolute favourite roastery in the city, de Mello Palheta, so anything that I order always ends up tasting fantastic. Sorry is the kind of cafe that you can snuggle up in, and either get work done or have a good conversation with friends. If you’re into modern and minimalist decor, then this cafe is for you.

Top 10 Favourite Coffee Shops of Torontoasd


368 King St. E
Toronto, ON
M5A 1K9

I don’t come here for the coffee, but rather their Black Sesame Latte. I have yet to find a cafe anywhere else in the city that offers this so until I find a better one, this will be my go-to spot. If you would like a reprieve from the constant caffeine, then I highly recommend that you give this drink a try. It’s not overly sweet, and has the softness of a nut milk. If you’ve done a juice cleanse in the past then you’ll know what I’m refering to. This is the kind of drink that would be much appreciated on a bad day as it is extremely calming.

Top 10 Favourite Coffee Shops of Torontoasd


96 Spadina Ave.
Toronto, ON
M5V 2J6

This small little co-op on Spadina is like a hole-in-the-wall that is often passed over for Quantum. I personally love it for how quiet and private it is, and they also make a mean matcha latte. Stop in for a quick coffee (because they’re fast) or stay for awhile and chat with the barista – he’s good company.

Also did I mention that they make their coffee using beans roasted by Hale? Just another reason to pop by.

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