5 Ways to Keep Wearing Your Dresses into the Fall

November 10, 2017

As the temperature dips, most of us tend to put away our summer wear in exchange for clothing that we specifically reserve for the fall/winter. Time to break out all of the fuzzy sweaters, cute boots, and thick chunky scarves. But don’t put away your dresses just yet! There are ways to keep them going strong into the fall before the frost settles in. I’ve rounded up some of my favourite go-to options as the temperature chills to keep my summer wardrobe going:

Knee/thigh-high boots

These boots were definitely made for walking : 1 / 2 / 3

I’ve always been a huge fan of tall boots since they provide so much more coverage than your regular ankle/calf height ones. Good thing they’re coming back in trend this year! You honestly can’t walk into a single retailer without seeing at least one pair of thigh-highs for sale. Some of my favourites include my grey suede ones from Stuart Weitzman! If you don’t want to run out an spend your hard earned cash on a new pair of boots that you might not necessarily wear on the regular, a more affordable option are thigh-high socks/tights. I sometimes even double up with a pair of thigh-high tights when wearing my boots for that added layer of warmth. Or if you often find that your boots are slipping down, the extra layer of the tights really help to maintain the shape of your boots so that they don’t slouch.

3 Ways to Keep Wearing Your Dresses into the Fall

Chunky sweaters

Sweaters that need to make their way into your and my closet – like now : 1 / 2 / 3

Who says your dress has to look like a dress? I love converting my dresses into skirts during the fall by layering a thick chunky sweater over top to keep myself warm. Coupled with a tall pair of boots and you’re essentially completely covered (minus your thighs – but you can always stay warm with a pair of tights). I especially enjoy layering a thick knit over top of a ruffled dress to play with textures and layers. I just recently picked up this Acne sweater and haven’t stopped wearing it since!

3 Ways to Keep Wearing Your Dresses into the Fall

Fluffy coats/jackets

The fluffiest jackets that have me swooning: 1 / 2 / 3

I’m all about the bouge this season. Bring on all of the fuzz and faux fur. Looking like a giant loofa on top with sticks for legs is definitely cute in my books. I’ve recently taken to throwing on a fluffy jacket over top of a short flowy dress for a fun and sophisticated look. This super fluffy, teddy bear jacket has currently been making its rounds across my closet.

3 Ways to Keep Wearing Your Dresses into the Fall

Turtleneck layering

Shop my favourite turtlenecks: 1 / 2 / 3

When it comes to feeling the chill, I most often feel it on my top half first – which is why I can handle wearing dresses/skirts throughout the winter. A fun little trick is to layer a turtleneck underneath your slip dresses to elongate their lifespan as you graduate through the seasons. Of course this tip won’t work for all dresses (especially body con ones), but it’s fun one that will instantly up the elegance factor of your outfit. Think Victoria Beckham or Olivia Palermo vibes.


Some other favourite long-sleeved dresses: 1 / 2 / 3

Duh. This one was an obvious. When possible, try to wear a dress with long sleeves. It obviously helps on the top to stay warm, but you can always layer up on the bottom with thigh-high socks or boots to keep yourself warm from top to bottom! I’m totally in love with this beautiful dress from LPA.

3 Ways to Keep Wearing Your Dresses into the Fall

Best of luck with transitioning your summer wardrobe to the fall/winter! Hopefully you haven’t put away all of your dresses just yet, but if you have, just take them back out! Take it from a girl who is literally allergic to the cold — I break out in hives whenever it gets too chilly out — these tips really help to make it through the winter without having to change up your closet!

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