3 Weddings; 3 Dresses

September 8, 2017

3 Weddings; 3 Dresses

We’re past Labour Day, which essentially means that summer is over, but that doesn’t mean that wedding season is even close to being over! It’s crazy how long wedding season lasts for (May – October), and I’ve had the pleasure of attending quite a few over this summer already that I figured, why not share some of the fantastic dresses that I’ve worn throughout the summer? Essentially 3 weddings, and 3 dresses. Hopefully to inspire you the next time that you attend a wedding.

This will be for anyone who’s already been to their fair share of weddings and have run out of ideas of what to wear, all the way to the first time wedding guest. Trust me, inspiration runs thin sometimes when all I want to wear is a cute white summer dress, but I shouldn’t be upstaging the bride.

If you like things feminine.

When it came to weddings in the past, I used to opt for fairly formal dresses. It’s a bummer when you’re spending that much money on a dress that you’re only going to wear once. That should only be the case if it’s your wedding or you’re attending someone else’s wedding as part of the wedding party. Otherwise your outfit should most definitely be able to be worn more than once for it to be worthwhile.

3 Weddings; 3 Dresses

I recently found this super cute and breezy dress that worked perfectly for a wedding, but could also translate as a summer day-time dress as well.

Not the best photo representation because for some god foresaken reason I didn’t take a photo outdoors with this dress. The only thing that I could rustle up was some phone quality photos. If that speaks to the testament of how enjoyable the wedding was, well I’ll let the quality of the photo do the talking (we were too busy having fun to take any serious photos).

If you like things dark.

I attended a wedding back in July where I took a chance and wore a black dress. Not going to lie, it wasn’t 100% black, but close enough. Usually the go-to’s for weddings are bright or pastel colours but I decided to shake it up a bit with a darker vampier look from Kendall & Kylie. Added to my freshly dyed pink hair, it was quite the standout piece. But hey, if I’m not going to wear it then, when else would I wear the dress?

3 Weddings; 3 Dresses

3 Weddings; 3 Dresses

When going dark, I would recommend focusing on lacier pieces so that the dark silhouette is more feminine. The lace detailing will bring more personality to the dress as opposed to creating a sombre effect. Trust me, you don’t want to be mistaken for attending another event.

If you like things simple.

I was part of the bridal party for my cousin’s wedding back in May, but the dresses that we wore could easily be translated into an outfit for future weddings that I attend as well. Simple and chic, the David’s Bridal bridesmaid dresses were the epitome of value since they weren’t designed to be a one-and-done situation. For future weddings, I can even foresee myself shortening the hem a bit and turning it into a cocktail piece that’s much more casual.

Note to all future brides: be budget friendly on your bridesmaids and open up to allowing them to find dresses that can be re-purposed in the long run! Trust me, your bridesmaids will love you for it!

3 Weddings; 3 Dresses

And there you go! Three different dresses from three weddings that I attended! Hopefully for all of you that have any upcoming ones in the fall or winter this provides some inspiration as to how to change up your wedding guest look affordably. Did I also mention that as the temperature dips, you can throw on a cute scarf to keep yourself both warm and change the look of a dress (if you’ve already worn it to a previous wedding)? Have fun!

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