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Valentine’s Day

Gift Guide: Valentine’s Day

February 13, 2016

I don’t know what’s worse, shopping for her or shopping for him. On one end, if you’re shopping for your female friend, you could always go the traditional route with chocolates and roses. But for your male friend, it isn’t as easy. But the fact that there aren’t traditional male gifts is what makes it even easier to pick gifts. You’re not confined within any expectations, which makes it significantly easier t find a fun gift.

I’m hoping for your sake that you’ve already nailed your Valentine’s gift, but just in the case that you haven’t, here’s a little cheat sheet to help you out!

Gift Guide: Valentine's Day


  1. #SIXBLACKTO – Real Sports | $100.00
  2. Liquid Body Flask – Shopbop | $60.00
  3. New York City Map Throw – Shopbop | $240.00


  1. Power Couple – Kérastase | $48.00
  2. Chloe Love Story EDP – Sephora | $105.00
  3. Ribbon of Love – PANDORA | $75.00