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24 Hours in Vernon, BC with Buick

January 19, 2018

24 Hours in Vernon, BC with Buick

Earlier in December, I had the pleasure of flying out to Vernon, BC to test drive Buick’s brand new 2018 Enclave. If you remember awhile back, I joined GMC in Calgary for the Calgary Stampede to test drive some of GMC’s 2017 releases, and I had such a lovely time that I obviously had to say yes when Buick reached out to me for the 2018 Enclave Press Trip. If you’re not familiar with Buick, it’s a North American automobile retailer that falls under the GMC family.

I’m not typically the biggest fan of 24 hour trips since the flights back and forth usually take quite the toll out on me (blame the aging me for not being able to cope with quick-haul trips), but when the itinerary included some driving time in the new Buick Enclave (coupled together with a spa experience), the obvious answer was an emphatic yes!

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