Holiday 2018 Gift Guide: For The Homemaker

December 22, 2017

Once you reach a certain age, practical gifts are more exciting to receive than the trendiest shirt. There are so many things that I’d love to have, but can never bring myself to purchasing them due to how practical they are. I know, it sounds extremely counter intuitive, but buying yourself practical stuff isn’t as gratifying as getting yourself something that’s fun, new and exciting. So if you have a friend that just recently purchased a home, is big on home decor, or just loves home things in general, then this gift guide is for you. Also side note to all the people who are considering getting me a gift, I would thoroughly enjoy any of the below selections so that I don’t have to get them for myself 😉

Holiday 2018 Gift Guide: For The Homemaker

  1. 2-Piece Wick Trimmer and Candle Snuffer Set – CB2
  2. Candle & Photophore Set – Diptyque
  3. Marshall Acton Cream Multi-Room Wifi Speaker – Marshall
  4. Gold Corners Recipe Book – Eccolo
  5. Velvet Bathrobe – H&M Home
  6. Chrome Kettle – Smeg
  7. V8 Animal – Dyson
  8. Google Home – Google
  9. Top Shelf Bar Tool Set with Stand – CB2

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