#INeverExpire With SK-II

July 12, 2017

#INeverExpire With SK-II

We’re going to be riding that train of serious topics again today. Just got off one talking about Instagram, and now onto the next one about expiry dates and ages. I recently celebrated my 26th birthday this past week, and couldn’t help but feel defeated as opposed to excited. And it’s a feeling that’s been recurring for the past few years.

Back in middle school, I learned that a female’s peak physical condition is when she’s around 25/26 years old. At the ripe old age of 12, you can imagine that that seemed like light years away for me. But as I gradually got older and older, and closer and closer to the peak age, my enthusiasm towards celebrating birthdays waned. Why would I want to celebrate my expiry? Rather celebrate the fact that I’m getting towards my peak age and that my body will just be a downhill journey from there? And then I stopped myself. Who is society to tell me that I can’t continue to ride my peak throughout my late 20s and even into my 30s?

And as I get older and enter the age of getting married, purchasing my first home, and making a family, questions of these life milestones are constantly being thrown my way.

“You and P have been together for 6 years now right? When are you going to get married?”

“Don’t you want to have kids soon? Everyone else your age is already having their first child!”

To be very honest, I used to lead my life based on these questions as well. When I was younger, I wanted to be married by the time I was 26, and then have kids by the time I was 30. Why? Because I was told that these sort of milestones where what I was supposed to guide my life decisions by. Ask me again now and my answer will probably be heck no! So much has changed for both me and P within the last year that I couldn’t ever imagine us settling down in one place, buying a forever home, or having kids – just yet.

Right now we’re so busy traveling, exploring new careers, and building on ourselves to think about those sorts of things. And why should you? Today I’m partnering with SK-II to challenge you to think beyond society’s pre-determined expectations for you. Their #INeverExpire campaign was created to take on the large scale global issue regarding the different pressures that women feel such as marriage and children. All encapsulated in their film (which you can watch below) “The Expiry Date“. The film follows three different women from around the world who are changing their destiny (#changedestiny) by taking age-related pressures head on and proving that they are more than just an age.

I want you to forget about society’s age-related pressures and to live your life the way you wanted to. For me, that’s traveling the world with P and spending time at home cuddling Kobe. He’s the only baby I need for now, and being married or having children isn’t what determines my worth. That’s for me to say, not society.

Here’s to continuing to celebrate your birthday, even if society deems you as past your peak!

#INeverExpire With SK-II

#INeverExpire With SK-II

#INeverExpire With SK-II

#INeverExpire With SK-II

#INeverExpire With SK-II

This post was sponsored by: SK-II
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  • Lisa Autumn July 13, 2017 at 8:47 am

    Was so close to buying this dress girl! Now I regret not getting it..

    xx Lisa | lisaautumn.com

    • Victoria July 16, 2017 at 10:14 pm

      Hey Lisa,

      You should totally get it if it’s still available in store! Such a perfect and breezy dress for the summer 🙂