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What exactly is it? The Lust Listt came from the thought that everyone online shops. The only problem that arises is the accessibility that comes with e-commerce. Seeing things in front of you on your screen make it more tempting to click ‘Check Out‘ to purchase it. That simple action makes life much simpler, albiet much deadlier as well. For those of us who fail to see through to the last command, our shopping cards stay full of the articles we lust for. Thus creating a list.

My frequent trips to the online mall have left me wanting for more, but without the proper justification to buy it all. And then The Lust Listt was born. Follow me each month as I share my most up to date wants (or maybe sometimes even needs) that I have yet to justify. Will they make it into my closet by the next month? Only my daily documented outfits will reveal the final answer.

via The Lust Listt

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